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Cricket Clothing FAQ's

Every cricket team wears a different cricket shirt color, making identification easy. Usually, white shirts are used during test matches. While the design and fabric of cricket shirts vary, there are several factors that make them preferable to regular shirts.

Cricket shirts are unique because manufacturers design them based on the actual requirements of the players. The colors, sizes, and patterns on cricket shirts help to grab the players’ attention on the pitch. Cricket shirts should be finely stitched and properly fitted for each player.

Some of the features that make cricket shirts better than ordinary shirts include their longevity, tear resistance, and colorfastness.

Materials Used to Make Cricket Clothing?

Cricket Uniforms are made from a high-quality fiber that comes in different colors. When selecting the material to use for cricket t shirts, manufacturers carefully choose those with allergy prevention, shrink resistance and colorfastness etc.

Inside the shirts, soft polyester fiber is used to provide sweat absorption, hence keeping the player cool and dry. tshirts also have a breathable mesh in the back and on the shoulders.

Some of Fabrics used are :
  • Honeycomb Rice Knit
  • Micro Polyester (Salina)
  • Dryfit Dotknit
  • Dryfit Nirmal Knit

Choosing the Right T Shirt Size?

You should select the tshirt and track pant of the right size to increase comfort and ease of movement. You can also choose between tshirts with full and half sleeves. If you are a fielder, a long sleeve tshirt is better because it protects your arms from scratches as you try to grab the ball before it reaches the boundary limits.

Which Color Should You Wear?
White shirts are the most convenient during a cricket match. White helps to reflect heat and keep the player cool. This is important because, during test matches, players may remain on the pitch for as long as five days under the sun.

Intense heat, particularly during the summer can cause various problems like sunburn, heat-stroke, and dehydration. White shirts reflect most of this heat away, thereby increasing player comfort and helping them to better handle stress.